Construction Update - August 23

Hello, Wes Hosford School families!

The first day of classes is almost here and we wanted to let you know what’s been going on since we emailed earlier this month.

As you may have seen when driving past the school, the remaining four modular classrooms were delivered this past weekend. Crews are working diligently to have as many of these new classrooms ready as possible for August 30, but of course we want to be sure that the construction is done right and not rushed.  In the event that some of them are still under construction when school resumes, we have temporary space available within the school ready to comfortably accommodate students for a few weeks.

Once the modular classrooms are finished and students are in place, there will still be work that has to be done on the school including some repairs to the school yard, the installation of equipment and bulletin boards in new classrooms, and snow mitigation adjustments on the roof. Staff and student safety remains our first priority—please be assured that students will not have access to any area where active construction is underway. 

We will be ready and excited to welcome students back on August 30. Parents are reminded that there should be no drop-offs in the staff parking lot; instead, please make use of the Glen Allan Rec Centre parking lot if you’re driving your child to school. This is especially important as there are still some fenced-off sections in the staff parking lot and we want to minimize traffic in the area. Once inside the school, children will be directed to their classrooms by staff as necessary.

While we understand that having work going on while school is in session is not an ideal situation, we are committed to ensuring that disruptions are kept to an absolute minimum and that the quality of your children’s education will not be impacted. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as the work is completed. We are confident that with the renovations,  we will have a school that will provide an excellent learning environment for generations to come.

If you have any concerns, please call me at 780-464-1711. We can’t wait to see everyone again next week! 

Patti Berry, Principal

Construction Update - August 2017

The replacement of eight modular classrooms is currently underway. Originally, it was expected all eight would be fully installed before students return on August 30. It now appears four modulars will be ready for students when classes resume. Meanwhile, the four remaining modulars are expected to be completed by the end of September.

Thankfully, there is sufficient space inside the main school building to house four temporary classrooms for the short time construction takes place on the remaining modulars. The temporary classrooms are being transitioned now and will be fully equipped to accommodate all student needs.

While every effort is being made to have this work completed in an expeditious fashion the delay will not affect the quality of education your child receives at Wes Hosford Elementary. Staff have a plan in place to make sure the learning needs of our students are met throughout the entire construction phase. Additionally, all regular school programming and activities will continue as scheduled.

In the coming weeks, we will provide an update on the construction of the modulars and how students may be affected. We ask for your continued patience and appreciate your understanding.

On behalf of everyone at Wes Hosford Elementary, we hope you are having a wonderful summer break and look forward to seeing everyone back on Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2017.